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Professional Growth 

Interested in learning more about Imago Therapy and the transformational impact the methodology provides to couples and individuals?

Are you a therapist looking for training to improve your skill set with couples? 

Are you interested in learning more about Imago Therapy and the upcoming in-person training?

Join us for a FREE information session about the unique therapy model and upcoming basic clinical training.

One on One Free Online Introduction to Imago Therapy 
Group Consultation for Couple's Therapists

Learn about Imago Therapy and connect with other therapists and feel more confident, supported and integrated in your work with couples.
Discover a community of peers and friends that feels safe and supports you in your learning and growth.

I look forward to sharing a method and community with you that can significantly transform your practice and personal life.  The information will include:
  • A short information session about Imago Relationship Therapy theory
  • Couples' interventions and goals setting
  • The Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshops
  • Information about upcoming Basic Imago Clinical Training 

Dates will be announced soon!

Register below to join waitlist

Please feel free to reach out with any questions 

Imago for Therapists

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