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Imago Relationship Therapy

A new way to love

Imago Therapy is a model that incorporates family systems, spiritual, psychological, science and trauma informed lenses.  It's an approach that looks to support the problems within the relationship to create healing and growth and assists relationships with enhancing the positive and building connection.  This approach is a perspective change about conflict and a movement of focus back to the self, using the challenges within relationship as a roadmap for both partners to change and grow into a better version of themselves. 

Harville Hendrix and Hellen LaKelly Hunt cofounded Imago Therapy, together writing over 10 books and have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Getting The Love You Want is one of their most well known books and a foundation for the workshops. Imago therapists are available internationally, offering workshops and clinical trainings worldwide.  

Lauren Ippoliti, Hare, LCSW, LCSW-R,Therapist, Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Couples counseling, Imago Relationship Therapy, Gottman, Terry Real, IFS, Imago CNY, EMDR, infidelity, divorce, separation, premarital, sex therapy, trust, commitment , LGBTQ+, gay, bisexual, lesbian

In full transparency, prior to my training in Imago I did not enjoy doing couples counseling.  I ran Healthy Relationship Groups and tried to support couples, but ultimately felt like we were putting out the crisis of the moment.  I would see some progress and couples would begin engaging in healthier dynamics but also felt that I was missing something critical.  Relationships end and new ones begin and often similar patterns emerge in the new.  Ultimately we are bringing ourselves as the common factor to the next relationship while also picking people that have similar traits or feel familiar in some way. Imago theory presents the idea that we pick the perfect person for our growth, that ultimately every relationship experiences hard periods and in those challenging areas is an opportunity rife with possibility... if we know how to harness it.  Imago Therapy provides these tools to support couples in transforming their relationships through conflict and back to connection.

We will explore the patterns in your relationship, identifying where wounding intersects opportunities for growth and support gentle shifts to begin to alter the relational dance.  For more information about Imago Relationship Therapy you can view Harville and Helen’s website here, the Imago Relationships Worldwide website here as well as my trainer and mentor’s Ted Talk about Imago here.

"Conflict is growth trying to happen."

Helen LaKelly Hunt

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